The Cedar Creek fire over the North Waldo region of Lake Waldo outside Oakridge.

Burn intensity report and maps showing the impact of the Cedar Creek Fire

The Cedar Creek Fire did not burn as hot or destructively as the recent Labor Day fires and the majority of recreation sites escaped intact or with little damage, according to a post-fire analysis of the massive 127,311-acre fires that burned around Waldo Lake. Summer outside Oakridge.

The report found that while there is likely to be erosion and landslides during the winter in the burned areas, they are unlikely to raise water quality concerns for nearby municipal and local drinking water.

The Report It comes from the U.S. Forest Service’s Burned Area Emergency Response Team that came in post-fire to measure elements such as the severity of soil burn and vegetation loss with expected impacts on water, wildlife, forest health, recreation, and other factors.

“The fire burned in a mosaic pattern across much of the area, and the majority burned at a low to moderate degree of severity, although there were high-risk areas north and northwest of Waldo Lake and on the raised hills and outcrops in the southern and western portions of the burned area.”

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