Dry conditions and winds increase fire risk Wednesday

Dry conditions and winds increase fire risk Wednesday

Red Flag Warning: Pocahontas, Nicholas, Fayette, Riley, Wyoming, and McDowell Counties until 6 p.m. Wednesday
***Red Flag Warnings*** means conditions are right for brush fires to pop out easily. Dry air, dry vegetation, and high winds are ideal for fires to grow and spread quickly. For those who are subject to red flag warnings, burning outdoors is not recommended.

Wednesday will be another dry day as the temporary chill continues. Winds blowing from the southeast 10-15 mph for some locations up to 20-25 mph will make the weather cooler. Expected to be from the low to mid 60’s with mostly sunny skies. Dew points reaching adolescence and 20 may make you hit a chapstick today.

Thursday we continue to cool off in temperatures but at least we get another day as the sun rises. The wind is still out from east to southeast around 5-10 mph. Burning wouldn’t be a great idea until some rain fell. Afternoon highs will struggle to hit lows in the 1960s.

Veterans Day Friday, Nicole is looking forward to bringing back the torrential showers scattered across much of the area. Rain totals will depend greatly on the correct track, but the general thinking is that Nicole will remain eastbound, bringing heavy rain to the mountains. We were dry, so outside of areas of poor drainage or clogged storm drains, the risk of flooding is still low.

Cold air on Saturday rushes into the area as we begin to remove things and bring back the sun. Temperatures dip below average for the first time all month as we struggle our way into the mid-40s and above! Expect a frosty night as we reach our twenties!

Sunday starts with a frost of the twenties and we won’t get much warmth despite the blue skies and sunshine. Expect the cold to stay on as we struggle to reach freezing by noon, topping it out only in our mid-30s up!

Monday starts to see a slow return of some improved temperatures, but it will be another cool. Despite plenty of sunshine, we’ll only see a hike around 40 – yikes! Low prices will fall again well into the twenties.

Tuesday is another cold day as order rushes in from the south. Morning temperatures are cool enough for wet flakes and frost that can affect your morning commute. We’ll get warm enough in the afternoon for a few showers here and there. The long rains after sunset will again turn into frost and snow for the eastern mountains. The buildup appears slight at this point.

Wednesday begins with snow showers for the mountains and frost/rain for the lowlands. As chances of rain/sleet/snow fade during the day, keep an eye out for slippery spots in and out of area roads. Hikes are still cool in the 40s. After sunset, black ice will be a problem and so will snowfall for the mountains.

In your extended forecast, cold temperatures continue as we remain well below average. It looks like our first extended winter preview will end around Thanksgiving weekend. As of now, there are no strong indications of blizzards, but a few flakes are out of the question.

Remember, Fall Fire Season is in effect in West Virginia. There is no outdoor burning from 7am to 5pm. Under red flag warnings, outdoor burning is not recommended at any time. With trees now dropping their leaves more and more along with somewhat dry stretches in the road, the fire ban in effect followed closely. Brush fall and wildfires can quickly get out of control with all the extra dry fuel lying around.

Sunlight, dry, cooler. Highs in the mid-sixties.
Sunny but cooler. The highest levels were in the fifties of the last century and the lowest levels in the sixties.
Veteran’s Day – Friday
Heavy rain all day. Highs in the low sixties.
AM Mtn Machine Guns, PM Clearing. Highs in the mid forties upwards.

Cool but dry. Highs in the mid thirties.
Sunshine and dry. Highs in the low forties.
Flashes from morning to afternoon showers. Highest levels in the mid-forties.
iso. Snow showers / sleet / rain. some sun. Highs in the forties.
remaining MTN. giveaway. a clear sky. highs in the thirties.
Back sunshine, still cool. highs in the thirties.

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