Take advantage of exclusive savings on pets

Take advantage of exclusive savings on pets

COMMERCE, Callif. November 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HolistaPet, a company that provides curated CBD products specifically for pets, has launched its first membership program. We know the brand for their incomparable hemp-based products, but their work in the community is well known as well. Purchasing from a variety of products divided according to the needs and types of the customer’s pets becomes much easier with HolistaPal+ Membership. Besides the great benefits of this loyalty rewards program, the customer also gets a chance to do something for the community.

HolistaPet is a community determined to make a difference in the lives of pets across the country. From the elderly to the sick and dying, their products make sure that these animals, who have been their master’s lifelong companions, will enjoy life themselves. This approach does not end with helping pets in need. They have a green initiative along with the shelter’s care and assistance programs, all to provide the best resources for animals everywhere.

HolistaPet products focus on providing the best comprehensive solutions available on the market. In recent research, they have proven that taking CBD helps a lot with chronic pain. Therefore, their motto was to provide the same courtesy that humans have for their pets. As written on their website, HolistaPet operatesBy helping our less fortunate four-legged friends, we give them an equal chance to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.. They use only the best quality, life-changing pigments and topical products.

HolistaPet’s latest project is a reward points system that allows loyal customers to get more discounts every time they purchase products. By signing up, customers earn two Holistapoints every time they make a $1 purchase, which they can later redeem via discounts. The site also offers various points for sharing via social media. The customer also gets the VIP title after a year of membership. to become HolistaPal+, and get 2x Point Multiplier, average user needs to spend only $95 for one year membership.

In a funny way, the site emphasizes how much the average buyer saves by joining their membership program. “No, we’re not nonsense when it comes to these massive savings. We’re going to give you an offer you can’t refuse with our HolistaPals Membership Program!“Becoming a HolistaPet+ member means that the customer gets 30% membership rates at all times. They also get double rewards points by earning 2 Holistapoints for every dollar spent as well as redeeming 1 dollar for every 10 points. They can also take advantage of Free nationwide shipping on all orders along with free express shipping on orders over $175.

Apart from these amazing benefits that the customer gets from membership, he also gets the chance to help the animals. Membership ensures that 10% of the annual membership fee will be donated to support HolistaPet Help, their program of lifesaving veterinary care along with work with local shelters and rescue programs. Thus, joining this profitable membership helps the customer and various needy animals that have no owner.

About HolistaPet:

Since its launch in 2017, HolistaPet Pledge to affect the lives of as many pets as possible. Natural hemp-derived CBD products for cats and dogs have provided the happy lives of millions of pets across the country. The company is also committed to giving back to the community in terms of helping stray animals and uninhabited pets. With their recent rebranding and membership launch, HolistaPet is determined to be the best.

To learn more about HolistaPet, visit their website https://www.HolistaPet.com/

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