Top 10 dog gifts for 2022

Top 10 dog gifts for 2022


If you have a food-hungry pup or are just looking for a little motivation while training, the right dog treats can make all the difference (along with the right treats) playing dogs). While the main thing to consider is to make sure you pay attention to your dog’s personal dietary restrictions, a lot comes into play when choosing the right snacks for your dog. Although you may be in the habit of handing out small portions of your meals to your pets as treats, this can be dangerous, especially if you are not well versed in potentially harmful food products for dogs.

The Good Housekeeping Institute It regularly tests pet products to recommend the best products to keep your furry friends interested and happy. In finding the best dog treats, our product experts sorted through countless five-star options, spoke with real pet parents and spoke to the experts. Megan ConradMBBS, Veterinarian at Hello Ralph and an associate veterinarian with WellHaven Pet Health. While selecting our favorites, we take into account flavor, ingredients, price, brand, and more. No matter what type of dog you have or their flavor preferences, we’ve found treats that will totally blow them away. Our picks consist of our experts’ favorites, as well as those with rave reviews from real pet parents and veterinarians. over here Best dog treats 2022According to vets and reviewers.

Our top picks:

Keep reading to learn more about how we selected the best dog treats and what to consider when choosing the right ones for your pup. Looking for something else to help train your pup? scan the Best dog harnesses And the GPS pet tracker.

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Better dog treats in general


Little peanut butter for dog training


Best value dog treats

Bocce Bakery

Hazelnut sweets


Best dog treat for training

Happy Howie’s

Beef roll


Best dog treat for joint health


Dasokin Soft Chewable Supplement for Dogs


Best single ingredient dog treat

Pet Center

Pet Center Lamb Crunchies Dog Treats


Best dog dental chew treat


Vegan dental chew


Best treat for puppies


Soft puppy bites of lamb and salmon


Best soothing dog treat

Honest paws

Quiet Peanut Butter Jar


Combo pack of the best dog treats


Chicken strips, cod skins and haddock snack pack


Best dog food mixer

Stella and Choice

Choy chicken meal mixer

How we chose the best dog treat

The Good Housekeeping Institute Reviews pet products of all kinds, from cat toys To rest dog beds to hang out. Our experts researched the top-rated picks and reviews to make sure we only suggest the best (And healthiest) dog treats for our readers and their furry friends.

When making our choices, we consider flavor, texture, dietary restrictions, purpose, and more. We spoke to a vet about what ingredients are best in treats and what to consider when choosing the right ingredients for your pup to eat. We also spoke with a number of pet parents about what treats their furry friends like the most. These picks are made up of our professionals’ favorites and popular brands with rave reviews from real pet parents and veterinarians.

What to consider when choosing dog treats

✔️ Ingredients: Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much about whether or not the treats you choose are safe for your pet. “Most dog foods on the market are pretty good in terms of ingredients,” says Dr. Conrad. “There are no ‘best ingredients’ per se but it depends more on preference.“So if you or your pup are more interested in something with a shorter ingredient list, pet parents tend to go for treats like dried animal lungs, liver, or meats.” Since the bonuses should not make up more than 10% of the [your] A dog’s diet, ingredients aren’t a huge concern, especially if it’s a commercial treat,” she says, aside from your pet’s personal preference, of course!

✔️ very: If you’re trying to find the right treat as a reward for training, go for something soft and small. “Dogs get more agitated during training, so a soft treat avoids any crumbs that might go down the wrong tube and cause them to cough,” says Dr. Conrad. “Small, smelly and tasty treats will give the best results So make sure you choose a treat that your dog really likes so he will work hard to be rewarded. “If you’re just looking for something your dog can chew on for pleasure after a long day, the bigger, tougher treats we’ll do are fine.

✔️ health: It’s important to avoid ingredients that you know your dog is sensitive to, and make sure you only buy treats in the correct size for your dog’s breed. “Make sure the treats are easy to chew and digest and not too big for your dog to avoid any choking hazards,” says Dr. Conrad. “Feed small amounts to avoid stomach upset because too many treats can cause GI upset.” In general, treats should only make up 10% of a pup’s daily diet, so don’t overdo it.

Can you make your dog treats?

One of the biggest risks when it comes to treats is when pet parents decide to try their hand at homemade dog snacks. “There are a lot of toxic foods out there that can cause problems for your dog,” warns Conrad. “Consider looking up recipes online and checking out the ingredients to make sure you don’t make anything that might be problematic for your dog,” she says. Also, avoid any ingredients that your dog may be allergic or sensitive to. Those cute, crunchy recipes you find online may not always be what is healthiest for your pet. Generally, commercially made pet treats are unlikely to cause any harm to your pet unless it is a personal allergy or allergy, but if you decide to go ahead In making your own treats, talk to your vet to make sure you don’t use any toxic ingredients.

Why trust good housekeeping?

For decades, it was Good Housekeeping Institute Offers expert ratings and advice on everything a parent needs, including dog treats. In her role as Parenting and Pet Reviews Analyst, Jimmy Spain He brings years of journalistic experience to the GH Institute, having reviewed pet products for Good Housekeeping such as Indestructible dog toys And the Dog car seats, as well as BuzzFeed, while he was previously a parenting and pet at People. I spoke with Megan ConradMBBS, Veterinarian at Hello Ralph and an associate veterinarian with WellHaven Pet Health.

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